Evaluation Procedures

The academic evaluation system synthesizes a continuous process of assignment. The evaluation system at Prasadi has been designed to keep students continually informed of their performance in relation to the required standards of academic achievements. Evaluation is done with our unique system which ensures that students are prepared for success in the final exams. Prasadi conducts the following tests and examinations in each academic year.

  • Cycle Test: Students have to sit for the cycle test for the courses of related subjects taught during some of the period.
  • First Terminal Examination: First Terminal Examination is held, mostly before the Dashain Vacation. Time duration of this examination depends on the syllabus covered by the subject teachers.
  • Second Terminal Examination: Second Terminal examination is held a few months after First terminal examination.
  • Third Terminal Examination:At the end of each session Third Terminal Examination is held following the exact NEB exam pattern. Only the students securing at least 35% marks in each subject are qualified to appear in the Board Examinations.

Progress reports of the Terminal examinations are given to the parents/ guardians. However, the students whose academic performance is not found satisfactory and whose discipline record is found to be rather poor will be strictly penalized to bring them back on track for success in the final exams.