Indira Voice Club (IVC)


IVC gives students a voice and promotes positive change to ensure you have the best possible experience. It runs under the guidance and control of the school authority for the welfare of students.

IVC works to improve both the education and social experience, providing a wide range of activities including Quiz competition, international tour, sports & societies, academic advice & guidance, events, student representation, welfare and campaigns. IVC is run by students for students. It provides innovative and intentional co-curricular engagement opportunities that transform students and support their sense of belonging through inclusive involvement and leadership in diverse school’s programs.


To promote school spirit, student leadership and a positive school environment.

Benefit of joining IVC

There are many reasons to get involved in the IVC. Not only is it great fun and one of the best ways to enjoy school life, it is an amazing experience that empowers you as a student to shape the future for yourself and other students.

IVC prepares you for the necessary skills for the future and gives the opportunity to enhance your soft skills like:



Teamwork skill

Social skills


All students of Prasadi are considered members of IVC. However active members are selected through an interview by the school authority.


All IVC members and other class/club must demonstrate:

1. Progressive academic standing.

2. No disciplinary record in the school year immediately preceding nominations

3. Leadership qualities

4. Respect for human dignity

5. Good public relations

Criteria for members

1. Maintain discipline.

2. Maintain a positive attitude.

3. Show leadership quality.

4. Abide by the rules and regulations of the school.

5. Attend classes and exams regularly.

6. Clear internal as well as board exams.

7. Good communication skills.

8. Should be able to work in a group.

9. Have the capacity to balance studies and extra activities.

10. Willing to stay and work beyond class hours or during holidays (if required)

11. Maintain a neat and clean appearance.

Eligibility Criteria for the Candidacy

a. Must be in grade XII.
b. Must have all the general qualifications required for IVC Members. c. Must be Conversant with current events, social issues

Composition of IVC

1. President
2. Vice- President
3. General Secretary
4. Vice- General Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Club-Coordinating Chairperson.
7. Executive members

General Function

Together with the IVC and in coordination and with approval of the school administrative they:

a. Plan and set major activities and other institutional student activities for the year.

b. Facilitate communication between student and the administration, faculty, parents and fellow students.

c. Promote and protect student welfare rights. d. Help implement school rules and regulations.

General Functions

Interested student can fill the nomination form here and submit to the Reception to apply for the given post of IVC.

1. President
2. Vice- President
3. General Secretary
4. Vice- General Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Club-Coordinating Chairperson.
7. Executive members