Student’s View

Indeed there is a world of truth in the maxim-“no knowledge without academy’. The turning point of one’s career starts with academic life. Our future hope depends upon it. At this time, our mind is like clay, which is a very soft thing. Like clay, our mind can be shaped in different ways. Once formed, cannot be reformed. If we receive good training in academic life, we shall be good citizens in the future. After passing the S.L.C. I got myself admitted into one of the most reputed academies of Nepal i.e. Prasadi Academy. When I attended the academy for the first time after admission, I had a traumatic experience. Traumatic in the sense that I had no friends. I was shy, timid and feeling lonely. Gradually, all such feelings vanished from my mind as I developed acquaintance with new students. In course of time, I had great intimacy with them.

My teachers were always good guides, a helping hand and a torch-bearer throughout my academy sojourn. Apart from this, the academy has given me a lovely dynamic environment facilitated with a true teaching and learning system and well equipped infrastructures like classrooms, science laboratories, library, spacious premises-to name just a few of them. No doubt, the academy maintains strict discipline and punctuality which I really appreciate. A team of dedicated teachers filled to the brim with experience has been successful in imparting quality education which is proved by the excellent results and success within a short span of time. The main and mighty character for the strong and firm base for PA is our respected campus chief who is very devoted and skilled. He is the one who has created a place, a best place for building up character, careers, goodwill and idealism. He encourages us to acquire knowledge and experience with discipline, diligence and dedication.

And what I can not really forget is that my Prasadi days have been the best or moreover a special and enchanting period of my entire student life at Prasadi Academy. To be honest, I feel that things have worked out better than I had thought before I joined Prasadi.

Arati Tamrakar
Grade: XI

Discipline in a disciple is the most dreamingly sought desire. A dexterous disciple always wishes to be obsessed by discipline which leads to the course of redemption which I experienced at Prasadi Academy.

Everyday is as normal and regular as the sun rising in the east. Long ago, we were all sitting in the class-room when a teacher came in. It was a normal day for a mediocre student like me. The only difference is that that was my first day at Prasadi. Everyone looked excited in the class. But, I was nervous because I was seated in the first seat. A short preamble, and our study commenced in right earnest.

A month passed by and so did the others. Little by little and step by step we were getting wiser. Many things were altered as they were meant to be. Even our classroom got shifted. But only one thing remained the same: ‘Discipline’. It is not just the case with the others, or me but it is with the whole Prasadians.

Laughter after a dose of humor in each class is marked by its restraint. The laughter breaks out aloud and after a few seconds, everything is back to normal. What I like at Prasadi is that every thesis and anti-thesis is confined within the criterian of synthesis.
Discipline is the best diadem a Prasadian wears while entering the academy. And it is a crystal that not only sparkles during the class hour but also throughout one’s life.
The edifice of education rests on the solid foundation of discipline. Only then a disciple is enriched with morality based on sound temperament. Only then education is acquired that keeps us behind the safe barricade confined by wisdom. Prasadi is best vis-a-vis others.
Listen to the heart
Does it say “Good morning sir”?
If it does, you are a true Prasadian.

Nimish Sharma
Grade: XI

After stepping out of the warm and cheerful environment of Kantipur English High School, I thought that things would not be the same. But I was completely wrong. Ever since I stepped into this cozy environment of ‘Prasadi’, I felt things are so much similar to the by-gone days-the same strict environment and the same excellent stewardship of the silver-tongued teachers who have always persuaded me to live on the bright side of life and to gain virtues. I have been to this Academy for just about 8 months, but I find it so close to me.

Entering into this cozy environment of Prasadi is a preadventure. I have not only been associated with best teachers but also with their personal talents to guide. Also, their unique sense of vision has carefully moulded me into a complete shape. I know I can never repay the blessings showered upon me in my life by my godlike teachers in the form of care, understanding, co-operation and love. But I have upto my level best unraveled the mystery of knowl¬edge which is: ‘The sky is the limit.” This Academy has really taught me to become self-reliant and I am learning the strategies of life to become a true human being. And I know in the forthcoming days, by the grace of God and helpful attitude of my teachers, I shall touch the star and achieve the unprecedented levels of my ambition. For nurturing up such best confidence in me, I heartily thank ‘PRASADI’ !
Sabita Gurung
Grade: XI

To be a part of an active, exciting and spirited student body, to discover a wealth of opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to the community and to awaken the slumbering dynamo within you, Prasadi Academy, without doubt, is the right platform, an academy which helps you discover your potentiality and bring out the best that lies within you.

Built upon a strong foundation of academic excellence Prasadi Academy has already spread its image and reputation for academic excellence in imparting outstanding education in the faculties of Management, Humanities and Science. And the only mission behind the establishment of the Academy is to provide stud ents with knowledge, skills and practical work background they need to succeed.

Running after fake advertisements without knowing the core matter may prove costly. After all, it is for you to decide and others can not make decisions for you. Enrolling yourself in Prasadi will be the right decision.
Ram Sundar Karki
Grade XII

“Life is to choose, Make the right choice.”
joining Prasadi Academy was never a part of my planning. My sister did her intermediate from here which became a prime reason for me to join this Academy. Starting my academic life in Prasadi with compulsion and pressure slowly turned into satisfaction and enjoyment in the latter days.
Before I joined here, I had heard a lot about Prasadi, about its discipline, and strict rules and regulations for students’ successful academic career. Prasadi leads every Prasadian to the path of education which is importaut for our career and successful future. It makes each of us capable enough to make the right decision at right time in our lives. Moreover, the compound of Prasadi represents the wonderland of education with flowers of different faculties and books as the playground. The moment a pupil steps into the compound of Prasadi, s/he experiences a homely environment and feel responsible to carry out one’s duties as a member of its own.

Most S.L.C passed students take an academy as a park where everything is allowed, where one is free to do anything. This is absolutely a wrong view towards academy. Academy is a platform where we actually build up our character as well as career. “PRASADI” extends a helping hand for a student to get on to the right track. It can be justifiably proud for consistently showing excellent results every year since its inception 5 years ago.

I have spent 2 years over here, and have established an intimate relationship with Prasadi which makes me feel proud. I have gained much precious knowledge and education here. So, I have taken this opportunity to be a true Prasadian by boosting up my enthusiasm.
Shristi Shrestha
Grade: XII