Prasadi Entrance Test 2078, +2 Science

  1. Read the questions carefully. Mark your choice on the answer from the alternatives. Double marking will make your answer invalid.
  2. This test contains multiple choice questions (MCQ) with English (20% Marks), Mathematics (20% Marks), Opt. Mathematics (20% Marks) and Science (40% marks).
  3. Calculator is not allowed to use. Any type of electronic devices including Bluetooth and smart watch are strictly prohibited. Only analog watch is permitted.

1. Hello Mr. Yadav! I’ve just …………… the shops. I’ve bought  lots of things.
       a) gone    b) been    C) went     d) go

2. The television was on but nobody ……………. it.
     a) is watching    b) was watching
c) has been watching   d) had been watching

3. Ram ate ¼ of a whole pizza and Shyam ate 1/5 of remaining portion. What fraction of the pizza was  not eaten?
    a) 11/20    b) 9/20    c) 3/20      d) 3/5

4. In D ABC, ÐB > ÐC then which is true?
     a) AC >AB    b) AB>AC
c) AB = AC    d)  None of them

5. What is the inverse of the function? f(x)=2x-1
     a) x-1   b) 2x+1   c)2x-1     d) x+1
          2                2               2                2

6. Reflection of the point P (x ,y) about y axis is
      a) (y, x)    b) (–y, x)   c) (-y,-x)     d) (-x, y)

7. The velocity of sound is maximum in
   a) Vacuum   b) air  c) water  d) both a and b

8. Ammonia can be dried by
a) Conc.H2 so4    b)  P20 5   c) Anhydrous Cacl2  d)None of these

9. Outermost covering of brain is called:
     a) Choroid        b) Arachnoid
c) Duramater   d) All of these

10. The duration taken by the moon around the earth is called
       a) rotation  b) revolution   c) day  d) month